Children's Activities Week 2022

Here at Reading Fairy we're so excited to be taking part in Children's Activities Week 2022

During Children's Activities Week, in classes all over the country, thousands of people come together to take part in fun activities to help raise awareness and fundraise to support disabled children.

Since its inception Children’s Activities Week has raised over £175,000 and helped provide life-changing support for autistic and disabled children all over the UK through the charity, Caudwell Children.

This year's theme is 'kindness.' In the run up to this week children have been spreading goodwill around the country with our kindness bingo and raising money for Caudwell Children.
There are lots of things we can do to be kind to both others and ourselves. And you may have already begun taking part in our main activity 'Kindness Bingo.'

But if you haven't, don't worry, it's not too late to start.

Simply grab a 'kindness bingo card' from your Reading Fairy class practitioner, read the instructions and ask your friends and family to sponsor your child for each act of kindness they complete!

Need new bingo card? Download a printable copy here 

Whilst Reading Fairy classes are primarily here to lay the foundations for learning to read and loving books for life, they also teach children many other skills too!

From developing their vocabulary and imagination to supporting their social milestones and social play, there's so much that your child takes away from a Reading Fairy class.

During our classes we also like to promote kindness. There are many things that we do to practise being kind. Sharing with other children and taking turns are ways in which we can practise being kind to others. We can also act kindly towards ourselves and others when we don't get things right first time, or when we achieve something for the first time!

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