Reading Fairy Classes Grow with Your Child

Reading Fairy classes run across four ages and stages with core characters representing the crucial building blocks and critical skills for learning to read and loving books for life.

Evidence shows that phonics is key to a child’s successful reading journey and plays a central role in our Reading Fairy classes. But it is only one factor. Other critical reading skills needed alongside phonics include: rich language experiences, a wide vocabulary, comprehension (reading for meaning), sharing books and enjoying a range of fiction, non fiction and poetry books. 

Children who enjoy reading for pleasure are more likely to do well academically in all subjects (including Maths!), have a wide vocabulary to express themselves clearly, be more accepting of other people and cultures and gain an improved sense of well-being. Reading Fairy classes attend to all aspects of early reading through our unique pre-school programme.

"This is such a brilliant a parent you are given great advice and fun ideas to carry on learning outside the weekly classes" mum of Evelyn age 4

Stage 1: Book Babies (from 12 months)


Encourage early language and literacy skills on the first stage of your child’s reading journey with us.

  • Hear and sing nursery rhymes and action songs with Music Mouse
  • Enjoy a sensory story with Reading Fairy and Phonic Fox
  • Meet the animals that represent each letter of the alphabet.
  • Share a book with Book Bear! 

Stage 2: Toddler Tales (from 18 months) 


Build on your Stage 1 literacy skills with a more active environment and focus on speaking and listening with Chat Cat.

  • Meet Chat Cat to talk about and listen to new words
  • Hear and sing nursery rhymes and action songs with Music Mouse
  • Enjoy a sensory story with Reading Fairy and Phonic Fox
  • Know all the animals that represent each letter of the alphabet
  • Share a book with Book Bear!

Stage 3: Story Stars (from 24 months) 


 Explore letters and sounds for early reading as Phonic Fox introduces a new phoneme (letter sound) and grapheme (letter shape) every week.

  • What’s in Phonic Fox’s box? Explore the letter sound of the week.
  • Find objects beginning with that sound. Sing and dance to our letter sound song!
  • Play Chat Cat’s games to grow your child’s vocabulary and listening skills
  • Join in with sensory stories using actions, instruments, props and puppets
  • Appropriately levelled activity sheets in every class
  • Share a book with Book Bear - of course!

Stage 4: Reading Recruits (for 3 to 5 year-olds) 

The final stage in your Reading Fairy journey with us. When you complete the final term of Reading Recruits you will be ready for learning to read at school.

"I love the nuggets of information for us parents, to help us understand why we do certain things" Mum of William 16 months

At the end of your child’s final term with Reading Fairy they will not only receive the usual reward stickers and certificates, but also a special Passport for School highlighting all the things they have learned on their learning journey with us.