Benefits of reading together

Did you know that spending a little time together reading each day can help both your child's wellbeing, no matter how young they are?

We asked our Reading Fairy team for the benefits both you and your child will get when reading together.

'That' love hormone

When little-one snuggle with parents Oxytocin is released. This love and cuddle hormone makes your entire physiology works better plus children will come to associate books with this loved up feeling. Greatly influencing their love of books & willingness to engage with books later in life.

It is so good for attachment building & bonding. Even a few minutes a day is really good as a form of 1:1 time.


When you open a book together, you open a new world, a new land, a new adventure. If either of you are feeling particularly stressed or have had a long and busy day then there is nothing quite like escaping into the pages.

Choose a silly book to get you laughing, get your voices in to lighten the mood and let the stress ease away.

Reading aloud to your little one is great for an adult's wellbeing because you tend to stop thinking about everything and get lost in the story/book. Whether you like to put on animated voices or not, you will hopefully feel calmer after a short story together. Try picking up a board book during the day and see how it makes you feel.

As a parent, I still read to my 11 year old son before bed, its a great habit that continued since him being a baby and it is time that I stop whatever I am doing, I am laying on his bed next to him, cuddled up, enjoying the moment together, discussing whatever the adventure is we are reading, which always then leads onto good conversation. Time stands still, even if just for 10 minutes. It brings peace and brings closeness.

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