The Importance of Picture Books

Pictures can deliver so much more than just words on their own. As they sit and absorb the images, they are taking in more information than the words alone. They are soaking up the deeper information they see in the pictures.

Picture books are accessible by all

When you sit and read a picture book as a group, a family or as an opportunity for one to one time before bed, everyone will be able to experience the story through the images whether for the first time or the fiftieth time.  Through stories, children learn empathy, acceptance and start to make sense of the world around them.

Children learn to read visual images before they learn the written word

Although they are more image based, picture books can communicate so much more than just words alone. They teach children complex skills needed in literacy such as building character and deep comprehension. Each time they read the book they will discover more on the page, embracing those essential skills further.

Picture books are a positive experience

Stories connect us, they challenge us and they spark our creativity and imagination. Reading and exploring illustrated pages with your child is a shared experience that will forever be positive with you both.

Picture books give children the opportunity to explore 

Rather than being told the meaning 'this means this' and so on, picture books give children the opportunity to literally read between the lines and access the critical thinking part of the brain. The images they see help guide them to their own interpretation of the book. A fundamental thing when they move on to those wordier books later on.

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