#shareyourshelves returns for 2023

In March 2022 we decided to share our shelves with the UK and we asked you all to join in with us to #shareyourshelves. This year we are bringing it back!

By leaving your own books that are no longer read, in and around places that could be found by other parents, we are helping those that may not be able to afford new books or may not have even considered reading with their baby or child. With the rise in the cost of living it is more important now to give everyone the chance to own a book and nurture a love for reading.

Did you almost 1 in 5 children do not have a book of their own at home? Book ownership has a huge impact of reading enjoyment. More than 3 in 4 children aged 5 to 8 who have a book of their own at home said that they enjoy reading, decreasing to 2 in 3 of those who don’t have a book of their own. We are asking you to #shareyourshelves with the world and give all children the opportunity to read for pleasure.

To join in with this all you will is

  • A book
  • A plastic wrap (one of those folder pockets is perfect)
  • A printable book insert and bookmark for the lucky finder

Download your Free Printable here

1. Grab your book and think about a hiding place.

There are a few things to consider here, from the book you choose to the place you hide it.

Choose your hiding place wisely. You want it to be hidden in view not hidden forever. That will only result is a sad, soggy book.

Some of our favourite places are

  • On a mode of public transport
  • At the park
  • On a walk around your local area
  • At a transport station

2. Print you bookmark and information for free using the link above.

Protect your book with some plastic and pop everything inside.

3. You don't have to do this alone!

Why not enlist the help of some of your friends or school friends? Imagine all those happy children finding your hidden books if your whole school got involved!

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