Welcome to Reading Fairy

Created by early reading experts, Reading Fairy classes for babies, toddlers and pre-school children lay the foundation for learning to read and loving books for life.

We believe in learning through play and our action-packed classes across the UK and online include: fun phonics and word games; sensory and performance storytelling; interactive songs and nursery rhymes; speaking and listening activities; picture book time and more!

Reading Fairy Grows with Your Child 

Reading Fairy is divided into four stages linked to your child’s age and development from Stage 1: Book Babies to Stage 4: Reading Recruits. Each Reading Fairy stage has been written using the latest research and best early years practice. Reading Fairy’s gentle progression grows with your child as they build core literacy skills and nurture a love of reading.


 Stage 1: Books Babies (from 12 months) encourage early language and literacy


Stage 2: Toddler Tales (from 18 months) active literacy with sounds and talk


 Stage 3: Story Stars (from 24 months) explores first phonics for early reading fun


  Stage 4: Reading Recruits (for 3-5 years) prepares your child for learning to read confidently at school



Click here to find out more about what to expect from each class.

Reading Fairy Characters Engage and Scaffold Learning 

With over 30 years combined experience working in education and children’s publishing, we understand the power of loveable characters to inspire children to learn. Each week, your child will meet our fun Reading Fairy characters to support their learning in class and beyond:
  Reading Fairy for storytelling and storymaking.


  Phonic Fox for learning letter sounds and shapes
  Music Mouse for developing reading skills through rhymes and songs
  Chat Cat for encouraging talking, listening and concentration skills




  Book Bear for sharing the best picture books together 





Engaging Resources for Learning


Hundreds of unique Reading Fairy resources and activities have been written and multi-sensory props curated to ensure your child enjoys learning in every class including: first phonics and word cards, Talkabout Cards, story maps, activity sheets, tactile letters, musical instruments, puppets, sensory story props such as scarves, ribbons and bubbles - and of course the best children’s books! 


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