Reading Fairy Isleworth


What is Reading Fairy?

Please see  here  to find out more about how the classes run

How much does it cost?

The @ home cost £6.50 per week. This includes a live & interactive session, a recording of the live session PLUS a bonus story sent each week. Single sessions can be booked as well as full blocks. Please contact for trial information


 The in venue cost is £8.50 per session booked as pro-rated blocks. This includes a 40 minute in venue session.

 Do you do trials?

Yes, you can book a one off trial session in venue (£8.50) single sessions online £6.50. Please email for details

Is it just a phonics class? 
No, although phonics are a big part of the session, our sessions are about developing a life long love of reading for pleasure through many different aspects including phonics.

Do you have different age groups? 
Our classes are progressive so although the theme is the same for each age group, the content is specifically developed to compliment you child
s developmental stage of learning. We split our classes into 4 age groups see herefor more information.

How big are the classes? 
With current covid-19 policy we only have a maximum of 7 families per class in venue. Online classes have a maximum of 15

Where is Whitton Youth Zone & does it have parking? 
Whitton Youth Zone can be found on Brittania lane, Whitton, TW2 7JX. Unfortunately there is no parking at the venue. However the venue is just across the road from the train station and bus stop and there is parking o the street in and around Whitton. You may want to give yourself and extra 5 mins to park up. Alternatively you can park in Lidl on the high street.

Classes also run at Riverside Vineyard Church, Feltham (opposite Cineworld) and the church has a large car park and lots of space. 

Can I bring my older/younger child
Siblings are welcomed at Reading Fairy. For those with siblings under 1 there is no charge. For those children over 1 who are going to participate in the class, there is a 50% discount on their booking. We recommend booking the class that is age appropriate for your oldest child as the youngest will always learn from older children and your oldest child is then being challenged and the class is age appropriate for them.

If you have any other questions please do drop me a message