Reading Fairy Swindon

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The safety of our families and class leader are of upmost importance to us. Our classes in venue are Covid-Secure. This means we are taking account of all relevant Government guidance in the way that classes are prepared, booked and run, whilst ensuring that each session is fun and includes everything you would expect from a Reading Fairy class. Updates to guidelines are reviewed as they occur. Measures to ensure the safety of all families include:

  • Social distancing at all times - each family has their own activity mat and you might be surprised how well young children stay on or near their own mat :-). 
  • No sharing of equipment - individual boxes for each family include all the items you will need to fully take part in the different activities; these include sensory items, musical instruments, toys relating to our topics, and toys and worksheets for use during our phonics activities. Each family has their own copy of the book that we enjoy together at the end of each class. 
  • Hand sanitising and use of face coverings on entry and during the class where necessary.
  • Everything is clean!!! All equipment, including mats, boxes and toys are cleaned before and after each class. 

Our classes are bookable in terms and a two class trial is available for new families. Please select this option when you book via the website where you will be required to pay by secure online payment to complete the booking. If you have two children within the age range (1 to 5 years), please select the class suitable for the older child. Please contact Clare for details of a twin discount. 

Any questions, please ask!