Reading Fairy Crawley Region


All of our classes are booked online. Sessions cost £7.00 each and you pay for a term up front, each term is 7 weeks.

Bookings usually open around 2-3 weeks before the beginning of term, so do check social media and ensure you are on the waiting list to be notified of when this happens. We always offer a period of priority booking for our existing customers, which usually opens around 3-4 days before regular booking commences. If you are a current customer, you will need to login in order to see the classes on the timetable.


What is Reading Fairy?
Please see here to find out more about how the classes run

Do you do trials?
Yes we offer 3 week trials that can be book via the website

Is it just a phonics class?
No, although phonics are a big part of the session, our sessions are about developing a life long love of reading for pleasure through many different aspects including phonics.

Do you have different age groups?
Our classes are progressive so although the theme is the same for each age group, the content is specifically developed to compliment you child’s developmental stage of learning. We split our classes into 4 age groups see here for more information.

How big are the classes?
We only have a maximum of 10 children per class

Can I bring my older/younger child
Siblings are welcomed at Reading Fairy. For those with siblings under 1 there is no charge. For those children over 1 who are going to participate in the class, there is a 50% discount on their booking. We recommend booking the class that is age appropriate for your oldest child as the youngest will always learn from older children and your oldest child is then being challenged and the class is age appropriate for them.

If you have any other questions please contact Katie at