Reading Fairy Dundee


Class Information

Classes currently run online on Monday mornings.

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Class Costs

 £20 for a block of 5 classes 

£15 for a block of 3 classes

£5 for PAYG

Costs are PER HOUSEHOLD so the whole family can join in! However, you can book into more than one class if you'd prefer each child to get the most out of these classes. 

***No concessions can be made for holidays or missed weeks, however you can nominate a friend to attend in your place ***


What is Reading Fairy?
Please see here to find out more about how the classes run

Do you do trials?
You can join us for one week using the PAYG option when you book. 

Is it just a phonics class?
No, although phonics are a big part of the session, our sessions are about developing a life-long love of reading for pleasure through many different aspects including phonics.

Do you have different age groups?
Our classes are progressive so although the theme is the same for each age group, the content is specifically developed to compliment you child’s developmental stage of learning. We split our classes into 3 age groups see here for more information.

How big are the classes?
We have a maximum of 10 children per class to enable me to engage meaningfully with each of you!

Can I leave my child to watch you while I do chores?
Our classes are designed to engage and delight your little ones, but they will only get enjoyment from it if you are engaging with the material, too. The more you play, the better they learn - just like in our face-to-face classes! 

Can I bring my older/younger child
Siblings are welcomed at Reading Fairy. Our online classes are available to book per household. However, if you have more than one child and would like both to get the absolute most out of the classes, you can book them onto separate classes (but they can still enjoy both, together!) 

If you have any other questions please do drop me a message