Reading Fairy Dundee


 What to expect from a Reading Fairy Class?

Reading Fairy is allabout nurturing a love of storytelling and introducing the building blocks for reading. Storytelling, sharing nursery rhymes and reading skills all contribute to a young child’s physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive development. We are passionate about learning through play and providing a fun, engaging programme for children aged 1-5 years to experience alongside their grown-ups.

Our lesson plans have been written by experts in early reading, and use five characters (soft toy/puppets) along with many tactile props, to shape each class.

These are:

Music Mouse bringing rhymes and songs.

Phonic Foxintroducing letter sounds and shapes.

Chat Cat encouraging talking and listening skills.

Reading Fairy bringing sensory and performance storytelling.

Book Bear sharing quality picture books together.

Each class/session lasts approximately 40 minutes. Normally we would run a term of classes (9-12 weeks) based on 3-4 themes (such as Day &Night, Dinosaurs and  Jungle fun). Each class builds on the last one, and familiarity is grown through repetition of core songs, and the characters. Little children love repetition and it really builds their confidence too.

Reading Fairy’s ages and stages:

Stage 1& 2:  Toddler Tales (12months +) encourages active early language and literacy

Stage 3: Story Stars (2.5yrs+) explores letters and sounds for early reading fun

Stage 4: Reading Recruits (3+) prepares your child for learning to read at school

Why choose Reading Fairy?

Tried and tested programme developed by early reading experts.

Loveable and engaging characters support your child's learning through play.

Progressive stages with different outcomes.

Demystifying phonics so you can support your child with their reading journey.

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Julia 😊