Reading Fairy Haslemere


Angela Kennedy

MEET ANGELA: B.Prim. Ed. WOW World Group Regional Franchisee for the Guildford, Guildford South, Chichester, and Portsmouth regions. Owner of Baby Sensory Haslemere 2009-2019. Angela is delighted to be launching Reading Fairy in the Haslemere area. She will be one of the UK's first franchisees to launch these unique and extremely well-researched classes. The training she received from the founders, Charlotte Raby and Emily Guille-Marrett, was exceptional. She feels fortunate to be able to gain from their extensive early year's literacy expertise. Angela has a particular interest in early childhood development and how these formative years lay the foundation for learning. For Angela, it was incredibly rewarding, a joy and a privilege to work with families and their babies, at Baby Sensory Barn. Over the years, she has encouraged thousands of families to read to their babies from birth. Activities during her Baby Sensory classes, lay valuable 'building blocks' for the babies' all-round learning and development. Reading Fairy creates the ideal opportunity for Angela to continue to provide unique, high quality, well-researched classes, for Haslemere's Baby Sensory graduates, nurturing their love of books and stories, right through to their pre-school years. Angela looks forward to welcoming you and your little one to the magic of Reading Fairy, and to giving your child the best start for learning to read.

Claire Matthews

Claire is a qualified teacher who specialises in Drama. Over the past 10 years she has taught in a wide variety of school, in both primary and secondary and has been lucky enough to work in the Middle East as well as across South East England and London. Claire has a real passion for teaching which began whilst working at a nursery while study Drama at the University of Exeter. After graduating, Claire was able to combine her passion for Drama, Dance and English through her love of teaching. She believes strongly in the power of children learning through doing and how music and movement can embed a love of learning for life. Claire came to Angela’s Baby Sensory when her son Harry was 8 weeks old. She fell in love with the program and saw how the songs and activities really engaged and enthralled her son. Now 16 months old, Claire and Harry enjoy Charlotte’s Reading Fairy classes and love how the sessions are structured to explore all of the children’s senses and ensure that they are engaged and learning through enjoyment. As a parent she can see how much Harry enjoys classes and how his love of books, rhymes and song are developing already. Claire is absolutely thrilled to be joining the Reading Fairy team and can not wait to bring her skills and knowledge to classes in Grayshott.

Janet Conway

Janet has been a member of our team since we launched our Baby Sensory classes in 2009. She is continuing to support Charlotte Symington as a teaching assistant on Wednesdays. Janet is a mum to three children, and a grandmother to beautiful Maisie. She plays an active role in our classes and helps to organise and prepare our equipment for each week's theme. Janet has a fabulous sense of humour, and her fun antics often result in lots of laughter, during class. She genuinely cares about our families and is loved by all those who meet her.

Cindy Herraman-Stowers

Cindy joined our team during the Spring in 2017. She is one of the very first friends Angela made in the U.K. when she moved from South Africa to her first home in Liphook, 19 years ago. As luck would have it, Cindy was Angela's neighbour and she also had a baby just three weeks older the Angela's baby boy. Together they shared the highs and lows of those memorable early parenting days/months/years together and share fond and hilarious memories of fun times spent together with their little ones. Their 'babies' have now left school and are embarking on their university and gap year adventures! Time has flown, their friendship has grown, and it is fabulous to have Cindy on our team as a friend, but also as a very organised, efficient, helpful, warm and friendly, member of our team. She manages our marketing and bookings behind the scenes for our Reading Fairy and Mini Professors programmes as well as supporting me with my regional business.