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We are so excited to be back!

Our @Home sessions are running on Mondays and Thursdays via Zoom**


**(You can join at any point in the term)

At the moment we don't have any special events planned, but for the latest news, special events, book recommendations and more please visit:

Online zoom classes by Karina from Reading Fairy Taunton

Come and join our amazing @Home classes to have fun and to support your children's learning! Each session develops the building blocks for learning to read through a range of play-based language activities and songs. I will guide you through our five part interactive session which includes; storytelling, fun phonics, music, speaking and listening activities and a shared book.

Venue: @home via zoom

Day: 31/03/2021

Times: Homeschool fun with Reading Fairy classes @ Home will be running online once again ?? H A V E F U N with Reading Fairy at Home! Monday & Thursday - Live via ZOOM 1-5 year olds

Tutor: Mrs Karina Mackenzie