Reading Fairy Taunton


Reading Fairy Taunton

Reading Fairy | Baby classes | Toddler classes | Pre-schooler | Reception classes...interactive, educational and filled with fun phonics, sensory stories and rhymes.

We are back at St Andrew's Church Hall, Taunton

Our engaging and educational classes are for families with babies, toddlers & pre-schoolers from 12 months up to school age - click BOOK NOW (below) to join our amazing sessions!

Come and join our classes to have fun and to support your children's learning! Each session develops the building blocks for learning to read through a range of play-based language activities and songs. I will guide you through our five part interactive session which includes; storytelling, fun phonics, music, speaking and listening activities and a shared book.  



"We love the sessions! G already knows some sounds at not even 2!" KL

"I really like that it is fun and engaging but that they are also learning too, particularly as they enter their final year before starting school. Their knowledge of letter sounds has definitely improved and it is helping me to know the correct ways to do all of the sounds too! Thankyou Karina!" LG

"The classes are so engaging and enjoyable - for both of us. Thank you so much." SF



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