Reading Fairy Sutton


I've seen the special party but when are you opening your termly classes?

In January classes will begin to run as a term (block). The first term will be 10 weeks. More information, including timings, can be found on the Home page under Timetable. Timetables are also on my social platforms. If you click the logo images for fb or insta (under all the tabs), it will take you to my pages.


How much are your classes?

Classes will work out as £9 each when booked as a block/term. You can join at any point in the term, provided there are spaces. If joining once the term has started, your total price will be calculated for the remaining sessions of that term.

Do you offer trials?

I do! I offer a 3 week trial for £20. It is 3 weeks long because this enables you and your child to see the progression of consecutive sessions. It is also a good amount of time for your little one to familiarise themselves with the structure of a Reading Fairy class. Please note, trials are only for new customers and can therefore only be booked once.

I can't commit yet, can I 'pay as you go'?

Yes, you are welcome to book a drop in session as long as there are spaces. These are charged at £11 per session.

I have a younger/older child. Can I bring them too?

Of course! Siblings who are within the Reading Fairy age (1-5 years) can attend the same class together. If siblings attend together, please look at the class time for the age of the eldest child. The youngest will soon join in and copy what their role models are doing. Reading Fairy classes encourage the support and participation of the adults too so please consider this before booking for more than one child. I have sibling discounts too, see below.

Do you have discounts for siblings?

Yes. Siblings under 12 months are not charged for. Those older than 12 months who would like to participate and use the lovely resources in the session will be given a 50% discount. There is a maximum of 3 children attending with 1 adult. Please contact me before you book for the sibling discount code.

Can childminders attend the classes?

They can but please remember that there is a maximum of 3 children per adult because adults are required to support their children at different parts of the session. There are no discounts for more than one child with a childminder.


How big are the classes?

There are 10 children in a class. This is deliberately small to enable a more focussed session for everyone.

How long are your terms?

Term lengths can vary between 5-8 weeks. Current information can be found in the 'Book Now' section which will show the start and end dates of the term.

I don't think my child can sit still for 40 minutes...

Oh don't worry, we won't be sitting still for long! Reading Fairy classes are active and engaging and your little one will soon be walking/crawling around with me. They'll even learn to tidy up!

I have another question...

No problem. Either fill in an enquiry form on the 'Enquiry' section or email me at: