Reading Fairy Sutton


Reading Fairy classes require adults to attend with their children. I would love for you to join me in guiding your children to have fun by learning through play.

What do classes include?

Each class has:

  • sensory and performance storytelling with Reading Fairy
  • fun phonics and word games with Phonic Fox
  • interactive songs and nursery rhymes with Music Mouse
  • speaking and listening activities with Chat Cat (from Toddler Tales classes upwards)
  • picture book time with Book Bear

What class shall I join?

It is best to choose the class that matches your child's current age. This does not mean your child has to move to the next stage as soon as they turn 24 months for example. Every child is different and this is a guide to enable the gentle progression of the classes as your child grows. The programme has been designed by experts who truly understand the development of children in their early years. If you are still unsure of which class to join, please get in touch (contact information is at the top of this page).

  • Toddler Tales 💙💜involves active literacy with sounds and talk (1 - 2 years)
  • Story Stars💛explores first phonics for early reading fun (2 years +)
  • Reading Recruits💚prepares your child for learning to read confidently at school (3-5 years)

For a more detailed breakdown of how classes are different in each age range, click here.

I have a younger/older child. Can I bring them too?

Of course! Siblings who are within the Reading Fairy age (1-5 years) can attend the same class together. If siblings attend together, please join the class for the age of the eldest child. The youngest will soon join in and copy what their role models are doing. Reading Fairy classes encourage the support and participation of the adults too so please consider this before booking for more than one child. I have sibling discounts too, see below.

Do you have discounts for siblings?

Yes. Siblings under 12 months are not charged for. Those older than 12 months who would like to participate and receive their own set of lovely resources in the session will be given a discount. There is a maximum of 3 children attending with 1 adult. Please contact me with any enquiries and to receive the discount code.

Can childminders attend the classes?

Yes, childminders can attend but there is a maximum of 3 children per adult. This is because adults are required to support their children at different parts of the session.

How big are the classes?

There are 10 children in a class. They are deliberately small to enable a more focussed session for everyone.

I don't think my child can sit still for 45 minutes...

Oh don't worry, we won't be sitting still for long! Reading Fairy classes are active and engaging and your little one will soon be up on their feet with me. They'll even learn to tidy up!


I would like to book the Get Set for School/Nursery programme but I cannot attend all sessions. Can I still join? 

Yes. The workbook is yours to keep so you can catch up with any missed classes by completing anything you have missed at home. I am happy to help too, just get in touch. 

I have a younger child too. Can I bring them to Get Set for School/Nursery? 

Younger siblings are always welcome. Because this programme is specifically for children starting school, I am not charging for siblings on this occasion. Please let me know though, so I am aware of numbers attending. Thank you. 

For information about the cost of classes, click here.