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Welcome to Reading Fairy Sutton: Banstead & Wallington

Hello, my name is Tara. Welcome to Reading Fairy Sutton.

Do you have a little one aged between 12 months and 5 years? Bring them to a Reading Fairy class where we do way more than just read! 

 Join me in Banstead on Wednesdays or Wallington on Fridays.  A parent described our progressive classes as "Very interactive and fun!"

 Weekend specials! 

The Runaway pancake: Wednesday 27th March or Friday 5th April

Easter special: Saturday 30th March or Saturday 6th April

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What is a Reading Fairy class?

An educational yet fun way for your children to develop their imaginative skills, reading skills and so much more by learning through play. There are 5 unique, lovable characters which develop your children's milestones in different ways. Click here for more details.

Which class shall I book?

It is best to choose the class that matches your child's current age, and then complete the term in that class. If you are attending with more than one child, please choose the class matching your eldest child's age. Sibling discounts are available. Children under 1 year are free. I understand every child is different but ages are used as a guide to enable the gentle progression of the classes as your child grows. If you are still unsure of which class to join, please get in touch (contact information is at the top of this page). For a more detailed breakdown of how each class is different, click here.

Do you offer trials?

Yes, new customers can book a trial. Trials are 3 weeks long to enable you and your child to become familiar with the structure of the sessions. Choose your class and then select TRIAL from the drop-down menu. 

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If your chosen class says WAITLIST, please do add your details to the waitlist. This enables you to be notified when a space becomes available and also means you will be notified when a new term starts! If the class says REGISTER YOUR INTEREST, please also fill in your details so that you can be contacted when the class opens.


Please note that by registering your child and completing payment, you confirm you have read, understood and agree to our Terms and Conditions and the information found on the 'Booking Information' section.

Did you know that there are other WOW programmes nearby? Baby Sensory is for little ones under 13 months. Toddler Sense is for over 13 months and Mini Professors is for over 2 years.

Thank you for visiting Reading Fairy Sutton.


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